McGordons Legacy

McGordons Established 1998. The name carries a family history, the founder Lars Olof Kanngard’s Dad’s name was Bengt Erik Gordon Kanngard, and being a son of my Dad, and “Mc” meaning “son” the name came to be greeted as McGordons.

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The first McGordons commany was established in Cyprus in 1998 and directly followed by McGordons LLC in Dubai.

Being established in Dubai, the local Arabic calligraphic artists can create amazing artworks and a very close friend to the founder is Thasier Mohammed (Dimond Translation, a well-known translator, and close friend from 1998. Thaiser take large pride in the calligraphic art and was kind and did ask a friend in Sharja to make the McGordons logo in calligraphic.

The legacy will soon (2022) see its reignited new establishment in Dubai as McGordons Ventures

LNG Procurement

In November 2021, I came to be involved and was asked if I with my diversified background and international contacts could ut aside some resources for secure long-term LNG supply for OGGEC in Malaysia.

As a team, I and Peter Tormey, one of the executives and partners in ViA Global Solutions Pte Ltd are now strategically seeking sources of supply, fr LNG GAS. Our teamwork seems to reach expected results, so the next year, 2022, will for sure turn the pandemic years into something very new and open the doors to a new perspective, and build the base for additional initiatives.

The McGordons logo in gold and Arabic from 1998